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16th June 2021 23:00pm

On Thursday 10th June, The Anchor Sendfriendly Centre (TAS) welcomed members of the Royal Borough of Greenwich for a private tour of the centre and a deeper understanding of what TAS centre is all about and the great services it offers.

TAS centre is a newly established specialist provision for children and young adults with disabilities catering to children and young people from ages 2 to post 16 young adults. The organisation incorporates communication/ language, personal, social & emotional development, physical development within a safe space for children and young Adults with S.E.N.D.


Director of Children's Services Royal Borough of Greenwich, Florence Kroll and, Councillor Denise Scott-McDonald discovered one of the borough’s hidden treasures available to the young people in our community.

Delighted by the depth of the TAS centre, Florence Kroll said:

“I was left with a lot of thoughts and overall, very happy with the TAS centre. I am amazed with the fact that parents have come together to build a place that is meant for children with special needs.”

"I had great discussions I had with Lilian Odim [TAS founder] and, I look forward to work together with TAS to ensure the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities have a positive childhood and preparation for adult hood.” 

Amazed by her first visit to the centre, Cllr Denise Scott-McDonald said:

“TAS Centre is brilliant! The thing that’s touched me so much is that there’s been so much work that’s gone into the detail; from the sensory rooms to the paintings on the walls (have you tried the pads?). 

That detail shows a level of professionalism, commitment and passion about the work that’s going on here. I also think it’s amazing to hear the stories of the staff/parents and their love for what they are doing.”

In addition to the programme strategy and passionate professionals behind it, the centre brings a warm environment equipped with a range of facilities and rooms including the immersion (sensory) room, art, soft play, music, tiny TAS (early years), ICT and a Lego rooms. The centre also has a Post 16 lounge and a playground available.

Founder of the TAS centre, Lilian Odim said:

“The project of TAS goes beyond without saying, it was born out of the need to see our children better, especially children with SEND. Creating a space where they can call their own, where they are safe, where they can be themselves in whatever capacity that they can, where they are understood, supported adequately and a space where their disabilities doesn’t matter, we aim to increase their social calendar.

We provide a learning space to increase children’s abilities to live an independent and fulfilled life.”

This year, TAS has also become a partner of Young Greenwich to help maximize the offer to young people and contribute to the wellbeing of families across in Royal Greenwich. Part of TAS’s programme available to young people is funded by Young Greenwich which will be dedicated to young people with SEND with a variety of great activities and learning programmes.

Delighted about the collaboration, Young Greenwich Partnership Manager Matt Horne said:

Thanks to the pro-active attitude shown by Royal Greenwich to young people and their families we are able to fund and help fantastic organisations like The Anchor SENDfriendly centre be part of Young Greenwich partnership

Lilian added:

“We are very happy about the partnership with Young Greenwich and we know that a lot of children will benefit greatly from the partnership and we look forward to future partnerships as we grow the TAS brand.”

If you would like to find out more about TAS’s services, please click here:

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