IYDA & Metro Judo Club host a joint event in the community.

14th February 2020 11:18am

On Saturday 18 January, Young Greenwich partners, the Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association (IYDA) & Metro Judo Club teamed up to provide a joint session in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

IYDA offers a youth club for Farsi speaking communities in Royal Greenwich and Metro Judo Club offers training, support and further opportunities to young people through judo. 

Young members of IYDA had the opportunity to get an official training with professional coaches at Metro Judo Club. This experience not only enabled them to meet new people and build friendships, it also enabled them to learn new skills in a different setting. 

Delighted about the event, Shirin Azari from IYDA said:

“The Metro Judo visit has been the highlight of the start of 2020 for us. The introduction session was performed professionally, calmly and thoroughly by the skilled instructor Mick Murphy.”

Also delighted about the event, Mick from Metro Judo Club said:

“One of the joys of being a judo coach at the Metro Judo Club is getting to meet people from all over the world, when they or their children come to the club to train. 

“We have children/young people from all over the world at the club, but this was our first visit from an Iranian group.”

For two hours, the young people experienced taking part in the Olympic sport, they wore the official kit and had access to all equipment needed for a judo session. The young people were so excited, they visited Metro Judo Club the night before to see the space.

Mick added:

“A big thank you to the Iranian school for allowing us to take some wonderful group photos at the end of the session, and to all the volunteers and young people from the Metro Club, who gave up their Saturday morning, to help make our visitors welcome”.

The young people were happy to participate after each thorough instruction and followed the instructions given, with trust in the process. 

Happy about the event, IYDA member Shiva said that Judo was one the best sports that she had tried and wore her T-shirt to the following IYDA session. Koorosh, another member, also said it was the best activity that he had ever tried. Parents also visited Metro Judo Club to see their young people try a new sport and participating with pride and joy. 

The T-shirts have been worn by the children with confidence and better self-esteem, knowing that they took part in an activity (alien to them) which surprisingly proved to be so enjoyable and interesting to them all. Since then more than a couple of young people have been interested to take part outside of school hours and join Judo sessions. 

Young Greenwich would like to thank Metro Judo Club & IYDA for collaborating to give young people new and unique experiences.

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